Create Search Redirects

You create search redirects to return a specific page, category, or URL when a customer searches on a particular keyword.

  1. Configure how search redirects are processed in Search Preferences.
  2. Select site > Merchant Tools > Search > Search Driven Redirects to edit existing search redirects or create one.
  3. On the Search Driven Redirects page, enter the keyword (target) you want to create a redirect for and click Find.
    You can also click Advanced or User Phrase and search for more detailed options. Make sure that the redirect doesn't exist before continuing.
  4. Click New to create a redirect, or Edit on the row of an existing redirect.
  5. On the New (Edit) Search Redirect page:
    1. Select the language and click Apply.
    2. Enter one or more words, separated by commas, that you expect the customer to enter when searching for a product.
    3. Select Online if you want the redirect to be online and used by Salesforce B2C Commerce.
    4. Select Secure if you want to use https for the destination protocol. Otherwise, http is used. If Enforce HTTPS is enabled for the site, HTTPS is used even if this option is not selected.
      The destination type URL still returns the defined path without considering the secure setting.
    5. Select the action you want the redirect to take when a customer enters the keyword in the search field.
  6. Depending on the action you have selected, enter the Product ID, Category ID, Content ID, URL, or the Pipeline name required to complete the action.
  7. Click Apply.
    When you have created your search redirects, you can locate them in the Business Manager via simple, advanced, or user phrase search.
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