Merchandise the No Results Page

Add custom selected content to the No Results page.

The following example describes how to merchandise the no results page by changing an existing SiteGenesis content that already appears on the no results page. In addition to what is described here, you can also add links to other catalogs or seasonally appropriate products, and you can embed graphic files within a content asset.
  1. In UX Studio, open the nohits.isml templates in the SiteGenesis Storefront Core cartridge.
  2. Locate lines 27–32 in the text. This is where SiteGenesis shows the search results page.
    <p> ${Resource.msg('nohits.didyoumean','search',null)}
    <a class="no-hits-search-term-suggest" 
    href="Search-Show?q=<isprint value="${pdict.ProductSearchResult.suggestedSearchPhrase}"/>">
    <isprint value="${pdict.ProductSearchResult.suggestedSearchPhrase}"/> </a> ? </p>
  3. Locate line 50–52. This is where SiteGenesis shows the noresults-help content asset.
    <div class="no-hits-help">
    <iscontentasset aid="noresults-help"/>
  4. Select site > Merchant Tools > Content > Content Assets for the SiteGenesis site.
  5. Open the noresults-help content asset.
  6. Modify this file as follows:
    1. Change:
      <p>Try your search again using these tips:</p>
      <ul class="grayarrow">
      <li>Double check the spelling. Try varying the spelling.</li>
      <li>Limit the search to one or two words.</li>
      <li>Be less specific in your wording. 
      Sometimes a more general term will lead you to the similar products.</li>
    2. To:
      <p>Don't give up now, you're almost there. Try again using these tips:</p>
      <ul class="bluearrow">
      <li>Double check your spelling. Try changing a few letters.</li>
      <li>Try one word at a time.</li>
      <li>Be more vague. Maybe a more general term will help you find what you want.</li>
  7. Open the storefront site for the SiteGenesis application and search for GADZUK.
    The no results page contains the new text.
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