Use Search Analytics

You can use B2C Commerce Analytics for monitoring and analyzing search results as an important part of merchandising. You can identify when customers are getting no results for searches to uncover emerging market trends. You can identify successful searches and determine how many are converting to orders, to see whether you are stocking what customers want. You can also see whether key words associated with promotions or marketing are used, to determine the success of particular campaigns.

If you want to create more Analytics, you can do so with various third-party vendors.

To analyze your index, use the Search Indexes > Index Name > Statistics page to see what fields are being constructed and the number of results in the index.

If you are using the Statistics page to debug your index, you can add additional information by navigating to Search Indexes > Index Name > General and in the Indexing Mode box, select the Verbose > Development option.

To analyze the fields being indexed for a product or content item, use the Search Indexes > Index Name > Documents. Because we don't index base products, the index document view can't show a document for them. You can only search by the variation product ID in the document view.

Reports on search index usage are available in the Reports & Dashboards. Select Merchant Tools > site > Analytics > Reports & Dashboards. Select the On-Site Search tab.

The On-Site Search dashboard reflects how customers use search on your storefront. The metrics provide an accurate view of the frequency of search and the use of search terms.

The dashboard provides metrics on:

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