Verify Site Ownership for Google

To verify that you are the owner of a site, Google requests that you add a specific meta tag to your site or deploy a file with a specific name to your web server's root directory. Though this topic refers specifically to Google, other search engines have similar procedures.

To add the meta tag to your site, you must create a custom site preference for the Google tag and then include the tag in your storefront. Google uses the name google-site-verification for the meta-tag used for site verification. The htmlhead.isml template in SiteGenesis uses this name for Google site verification with the storefront.

Note: pt_storefront.isml is located in the SiteGenesis Storefront Core cartridge, /templates/default/content/home.

SiteGenesis Application Example

To render your generated Google meta tag on the pt_storefront-template in the SiteGenesis application:

  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Site Preferences > Custom Preferences > Storefront Configurations.
  2. On the Custom Site Preferences page, enter the GoogleVerificationTag - Content Attribute, which is an attribute of the SitePreferences system object.
  3. Ensure that the following code exists in your htmlhead.isml template:

<!--- Insert meta tag for the "Google-Verification" feature to verify that you are the owner of this site. --->

<isif condition="${'GoogleVerificationTag' in dw.system.Site.current.preferences.custom && dw.system.Site.current.preferences.custom.​GoogleVerificationTag!=''} ">

<meta name="verify-v1" content="<isprint value="${dw.system.Site.current.preferences.​custom.​GoogleVerificationTag}"/>" />


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