Get the SFRA Repositories from GitHub

You must have access to the Salesforce CommerceCloud repositories on GitHub. You can then either download a copy of the SFRA repositories or clone the repositories on your local system. If you clone the repositories, you can issue git commands to perform tasks like getting the latest updates or seeing recent changes.

  1. If you don’t have a GitHub account, see Salesforce Commerce Cloud GitHub Repositories and Access .
  2. Search for the following repositories, and click Clone or download to copy each repository to your local system.
    Clone or download the repositories next to each other, as siblings, as in the following example. If you nest the repositories, you can’t use the build tools.
    your project
    ├── eslint-plugin-sitegenesis
    ├── lib_productlist
    ├── plugin-applepay
    ├── plugin_commercepayments
    ├── plugin_datadownload
    ├── plugin_giftregistry
    ├── plugin_instorepickup
    ├── plugin_productcompare
    ├── plugin_sitemap
    ├── plugin_wishlists
    ├── sfra-jsdoc
    ├── sgmf-scripts
    ├── storefront-reference-architecture
        ├── cartridges
        │   ├── app_storefront_base
        │   └── modules
    └── storefrontdata
    ├── app_custom_domain_mysite1
    ├── app_custom_domain_mysite2
    Note: For the Stripe's terms of service with the SEPA payment option, you must replace [the seller] with the the appropriate name in the sepa_debit.message.mandate key name entry in plugin_commercepayments/cartridges/plugin_commercepayments/cartridge/templates/resources/

    See SDD Core Mandate Translations for details on the SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) payment mandate.

    Note: The plugin_commercepayments cartridge doesn't support payments that use the plugin-applepay or plugin_instorepickup cartridges. If you're applying additional cartridges to the storefront, you must disable the plugin-applepay and plugin_instorepickup in the site preferences and in the cartridge path.

    Internet Explorer isn't a supported browser for Commerce Payments.

  3. If you downloaded the repositories, expand the .zip files.
    Note: On macOS, you can use the command-line unzip utility to expand the files.
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