Search for Issues in Log Center

You can save your searches and use them to set up recurring notifications.

  1. Start Log Center.
  2. On the dashboard, select Search > New Search.
  3. On the left-hand side of the page, set filters to narrow your search.
  4. Conduct a search in one of the following ways.
    • To conduct a basic search, enter one or more search terms in the search text field and click the search icon.
    • To conduct an advanced search, click the LCQL checkbox next to the search text field. Select one or more query fields and enter query text in parentheses. Press the space bar after a closing parenthesis to select the AND or OR operator. To execute the search, click the search icon.
    For more information about the LCQL (Log Center Query Language) syntax used in advanced searches, click the question mark (?) near the search icon.
  5. To save the search, click the down arrow next to the search icon and select Save search. To retrieve it later, select Search > Manage Saved Searches from the main menu.
    You can share the URL of a saved search with other users.
  6. To configure ongoing notifications for the search, follow these steps.
    1. Click Enable notification.
    2. Enter the name of the search.
    3. Select the time interval.
      To save the search notification settings without sending any notifications, click Disable.
    4. To send a notification every time the search returns any results, select Always Send Notification. To only send notifications when the search returns at least some results, set the Threshold to that number.
    5. To send a test notification, click the test icon.
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