Adding a Second Incoming URL for Source Codes

You can map two sets of incoming URLs to the same target.

Note: Salesforce B2C Commerce allows only one source code group to be active at a time.
  1. Select site > Online Marketing > Source Code Groups..
    1. Click Find to view the list of source code groups.
    2. Open the selected source code group.
    3. On the Codes tab, enter SpringSale into the Source Code Specification field and click Add.
    4. On the Redirects tab, select the Active: Category option.
    5. Enter JA as the category code and click Apply.
  2. Select site > Merchant Tools > Site Preferences > Source Codes.
    1. On the Source Codes Preferences page, enter src into the URL Parameter Name control.
    2. Click Apply.
  3. Select site > Merchant Tools > Site URLs > Aliases.
    1. On the Aliases page, enter
    2. Click Save.
  4. Select site > Merchant Tools > Site URLs > Dynamic Mapping.
  5. On the Dynamic Mapping page, enter these two mapping code lines:
    • / specials /?src=* p,,,SourceCodeRedirect-Start,,src,{0}
    • / seasonal /?src=* p,,,SourceCodeRedirect-Start,,src,{0}
  6. Click Save.

    A customer can navigate via either:

    The result is the same regardless of the incoming URL. The category page corresponding to code JA appears.

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