Search Results Window

The Search Results window shows basic information about the search results. This window appears only if your site has implemented the isobject ISML tag appropriately.

For information about implementing the isobject, see Enable the Search Information Tool.

The SKU in bold in the Represents field is the highest ranked variation product that the search finds. The category is the path to the current search result. If no value exists for an attribute, the value shows as Null. A product without a value for an attribute is ordered after products that have a value.

Represents Window

If the product you inspect is a base product, click the information icon in the Represents field to show the individual SKUs.

Text Relevance Explanation Window

To see information about the text relevance scoring for a search result, click the information icon in the Text Relevance field. The Text Relevance Explanation window can help you determine how terms found in attributes contribute to the text relevance score. In the following example, you can see that most of the score for the term hiker comes from hits in the content-text field, not the ShortDescription field (0.15 vs 0.03). The content-text field includes all indexed information for all fields, except fields that have a boosting factor applied.

Dynamic Attributes Window

If the product includes a dynamic attribute, click the information icon beside the dynamic attribute to show the following information.

If your sorting rule uses a dynamic attribute, click the information icon to see additional information about the rule. The attribute score is the score for each attribute after it's weighted and normalized. Normalizing scores distributes them from 0 to 1. This process makes scores more relevant in relation to each other. The attribute score also includes the sorting value, which is the sum of all attribute scores. The sorting value determines the position of the product.

Click the information icon for a searchable attribute used in the dynamic attribute to display the following information:

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