Web Service Timeouts

Carefully consider a timeout strategy for web services.

SOAP Timeout for Unresponsive Server

SOAP web service connections use a default timeout of 2 minutes for storefront and B2C Commerce tool requests and 15 minutes for jobs. If the timeout of the calling script is less than the default, the script timeout is used.
Tip: To ensure the site's responsiveness, configure a low timeout.

HTTPClient Timeout

The HTTPClient method times out at 2 minutes for storefront and B2C Commerce tool requests and 15 minutes for jobs.

Setting Timeouts

Salesforce recommends setting timeout values through the service configuration.

The timeout you configure for a service is a connection and read timeout. If each connection/read duration is just below the timeout duration, the total time of the service might be much larger than the timeout value. For example, with a 5 second timeout, with a 4 second connection attempt, followed by reading two chunks of data at 4 seconds apiece, takes about 13 seconds total, but does not time out.

If you don't configure the service timeout values, it is also possible to set port timeouts using API methods, but these are not monitored or included in the service status analytics. However, information about these timeouts is included below.

Port Timeouts for SOAP Web Services

Use the dw.ws.WSUtil class to set read/connection timeouts for ports using the setConnectionTimeout(timeout, port) and setRequestTimeout(timeout, port) methods. The minimum connection timeout is 100 miliseconds and the maximum connection timeout is 15 seconds.

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