SiteGenesis / Server-side JS / Source: app_storefront_controllers/cartridge/controllers/COSummary.js

'use strict';

 * This controller implements the last step of the checkout. A successful handling
 * of billing address and payment method selection leads to this controller. It
 * provides the customer with a last overview of the basket prior to confirm the
 * final order creation.
 * @module controllers/COSummary

/* API Includes */
var Resource = require('dw/web/Resource');
var Transaction = require('dw/system/Transaction');
var URLUtils = require('dw/web/URLUtils');

/* Script Modules */
var app = require('~/cartridge/scripts/app');
var guard = require('~/cartridge/scripts/guard');

var Cart = app.getModel('Cart');

 * Renders the summary page prior to order creation.
 * @param {Object} context context object used for the view
function start(context) {
    var cart = Cart.get();

    // Checks whether all payment methods are still applicable. Recalculates all existing non-gift certificate payment
    // instrument totals according to redeemed gift certificates or additional discounts granted through coupon
    // redemptions on this page.
    var COBilling = app.getController('COBilling');
    if (!COBilling.ValidatePayment(cart)) {
    } else {
        Transaction.wrap(function () {

        Transaction.wrap(function () {
            if (!cart.calculatePaymentTransactionTotal()) {

        var pageMeta = require('~/cartridge/scripts/meta');
        var viewContext = require('app_storefront_core/cartridge/scripts/common/extend').immutable(context, {
            Basket: cart.object
        pageMeta.update({pageTitle: Resource.msg('summary.meta.pagetitle', 'checkout', 'SiteGenesis Checkout')});

 * This function is called when the "Place Order" action is triggered by the
 * customer.
function submit() {
    // Calls the COPlaceOrder controller that does the place order action and any payment authorization.
    // COPlaceOrder returns a JSON object with an order_created key and a boolean value if the order was created successfully.
    // If the order creation failed, it returns a JSON object with an error key and a boolean value.
    var placeOrderResult = app.getController('COPlaceOrder').Start();
    if (placeOrderResult.error) {
            PlaceOrderError: placeOrderResult.PlaceOrderError
    } else if (placeOrderResult.order_created) {

 * Renders the order confirmation page after successful order
 * creation. If a nonregistered customer has checked out, the confirmation page
 * provides a "Create Account" form. This function handles the
 * account creation.
function showConfirmation(order) {
    if (!customer.authenticated) {
        // Initializes the account creation form for guest checkouts by populating the first and last name with the
        // used billing address.
        var customerForm = app.getForm('profile.customer');
        customerForm.setValue('firstname', order.billingAddress.firstName);
        customerForm.setValue('lastname', order.billingAddress.lastName);
        customerForm.setValue('email', order.customerEmail);
        customerForm.setValue('orderNo', order.orderNo);


    var pageMeta = require('~/cartridge/scripts/meta');
    pageMeta.update({pageTitle: Resource.msg('confirmation.meta.pagetitle', 'checkout', 'SiteGenesis Checkout Confirmation')});
        Order: order,
        ContinueURL: URLUtils.https('Account-RegistrationForm') // needed by registration form after anonymous checkouts

 * Module exports

 * Web exposed methods
/** @see module:controllers/COSummary~Start */
exports.Start = guard.ensure(['https'], start);
/** @see module:controllers/COSummary~Submit */
exports.Submit = guard.ensure(['https', 'post', 'csrf'], submit);

 * Local method
exports.ShowConfirmation = showConfirmation;

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