SiteGenesis / Server-side JS / Source: app_storefront_controllers/cartridge/controllers/Error.js

'use strict';

 * Controller that is called whenever a technical error occurs while processing a
 * request. A standard error page is rendered.
 * @module controllers/Error

/* Script Modules */
var app = require('~/cartridge/scripts/app');
var guard = require('~/cartridge/scripts/guard');

 * Called by the system when an error is not handled locally. Renders a general error
 * page.
 * Determines if it is an AJAX request by looking at
 * X-Requested-With=XMLHttpRequest request header. This header is set by
 * jQuery for every AJAX request. If the requested response format is not set to json
 * then the decorator is empty. If it is set to json, a JSON response is sent.
 * @param {Object} args The argument object
 * @param {String} args.ErrorText The error message.
 * @param {String} args.ControllerName The controller that caused the error.
 * @param {String} args.CurrentStartNodeName The endpoint name causing the error.
function start(args) {
    var nodecorator = false;

    if (request.getHttpHeaders().get('x-requested-with') === 'XMLHttpRequest') {
        var format = request.httpParameterMap.format.stringValue || '';
        nodecorator = true;

        // The requested output format is json so the error response needs to be JSON.
        if (format === 'json') {
            let r = require('~/cartridge/scripts/util/Response');
                Success: false,
                LogRequestID: request.requestID.split('-')[0]

    } else {
        // @FIXME Correct would be to set a 404 status code but that breaks the page as it utilizes
        // remote includes which the WA won't resolve
        if ('isIncludeRequest' in request) {
            if (request.isIncludeRequest()) {
                nodecorator = true;
            } else {
            PipelineName: args.ControllerName,
            CurrentStartNodeName: args.CurrentStartNodeName,
            ErrorText: args.ErrorText,
            nodecorator: nodecorator

 * Called by the system when a session hijacking is detected.
 * Renders an error page (error/forbidden template.)
function forbidden() {

 * Web exposed methods
/** Called by the system when an error is not handled locally.
 * @see module:controllers/Error~start */
exports.Start = guard.all(start);
/** Called by the system when a session hijacking is detected.
 * @see module:controllers/Error~forbidden */
exports.Forbidden = guard.all(forbidden);

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