SiteGenesis / Server-side JS / Source: app_storefront_controllers/cartridge/controllers/SourceCodeRedirect.js

'use strict';

 * Controller that handles source code redirects.
 * @module controllers/SourceCodeRedirect

var app = require('~/cartridge/scripts/app');
var guard = require('~/cartridge/scripts/guard');

 * Handles source code redirects. If the redirect succeeds, renders the redirect (util/redirect template).
 * If the redirect fails, calls the {@link module:controllers/Home~Show|Home controller Show function}.
function start() {
    var sourceCodeRedirectURL = session.sourceCodeInfo.redirect;

    if (!sourceCodeRedirectURL) {

    app.getView({Location: sourceCodeRedirectURL.location}).render('util/redirect');

 * Web exposed methods
/** Handles source code redirects.
 * @see module:controllers/SourceCodeRedirect~start */
exports.Start = guard.ensure(['get'], start);

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