SiteGenesis / Server-side JS / Source: app_storefront_controllers/cartridge/scripts/payment/processor/BASIC_GIFT_CERTIFICATE.js

'use strict';

/* API Includes */
var GiftCertificateMgr = require('dw/order/GiftCertificateMgr');
var PaymentMgr = require('dw/order/PaymentMgr');
var Transaction = require('dw/system/Transaction');

 * Authorizes a payment using a gift certificate. The payment is authorized by redeeming the gift certificate and
 * simply setting the order no as transaction ID.
function Authorize(args) {
    var orderNo = args.OrderNo;
    var paymentInstrument = args.PaymentInstrument;
    var paymentProcessor = PaymentMgr.getPaymentMethod(paymentInstrument.getPaymentMethod()).getPaymentProcessor();


    paymentInstrument.paymentTransaction.transactionID = orderNo;
    paymentInstrument.paymentTransaction.paymentProcessor = paymentProcessor;

    var status = GiftCertificateMgr.redeemGiftCertificate(paymentInstrument);


    if (status.isError()) {
        return {error: true};
    } else {
        return {authorized: true};

 * Module exports

 * Local methods
exports.Authorize = Authorize;

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