SiteGenesis / Server-side JS / Source: app_storefront_controllers/cartridge/scripts/views/View.js

'use strict';
 * Standard view used to render most templates.
 * @module views/View

var ISML = require('dw/template/ISML');

var Class = require('~/cartridge/scripts/util/Class').Class;
var object = require('~/cartridge/scripts/object');

 * View class to pass parameters to the templates and renders the templates.
 * Other view modules extend this class.
 * @class View
 * @extends module:util/Class~Class
 * @returns {module:views/View~View}
var View = Class.extend({
    /** @lends module:views/View~View.prototype */

     * Base class for all view modules. See also {@tutorial Views}.
     * Loops through the parameters and passes them to the view.
     * @constructs module:views/View~View
     * @extends module:util/Class~Class
     * @param {Object} params The parameters to pass.
     * @see {@link module:object} for information on the extend function.
     * @returns {module:views/View~View}
    init: function (params) {
        // Copies all properties of params to the view.
        if (params) {
            object.extend(this, params);

        return this;

     * Renders the current view with the given template. This function gets all of the customer,
     * request, and session information that might be needed to render the template and passes it
     * to the template for rendering.
     * @abstract
     * @alias module:views/View~View/render
     * @param {String} templateName - The path and name of the template to render.
     * The base of the path is assumed to be the templates/default folder in the cartridge, unless a locale is
     * selected, in which case it is templates <i>locale</i>. If the template is not found in the current cartridge,
     * the cartridge path is searched until a cartridge containing it is found.
     * The name of the template is the file name without the file extension.
     * @example app.getView().render('account/accountoverview');
     * @return {module:views/View~View} Returns the current view.
    render: function (templateName) {
        templateName = templateName || this.template;
        // provide reference to View itself
        this.View = this;
        // provide Meta
        this.Meta = require('~/cartridge/scripts/meta');

        try {
            ISML.renderTemplate(templateName, this);
        } catch (e) {
            dw.system.Logger.error('Error while rendering template ' + templateName);
            throw e;
        return this;


/** @type {module:views/View~View.prototype} */
module.exports = View;

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