Pipelet AddGiftCertificateToBasket
Adds a Gift Certificate to a Basket based on the passed in parameters. The Gift Certificate is not fully created until after the checkout process completes. If the Gift Certificate could not be added to the basket, the pipelet completes on the Error exit, check the log to determine the cause of the problem.
Error Connector
Transaction Required
Input Parameters
Amount  :  Number (Required)
The amount of the gift certificate.
Basket  :  LineItemCtnr (Required)
The basket (cart) in which the Gift Certifciate will be put.
SenderName  :  String (Optional)
The name of the person sending the Gift Certificate. This name is used in the email sent to the recipient.
RecipientName  :  String (Optional)
The name of the person receiving the Gift Certificate. This value is included in the default notification email.
RecipientEmail  :  String (Required)
The email address of the person receiving the Gift Certificate.
Shipment  :  LineItemGroup (Optional)
Specifies the shipment of the gift certificate should be added to. If not specified, the pipelet automatically adds the product to the default shipment of the basket.
Message  :  String (Optional)
An optional message that will be inserted into the email sent to the recipient.
ProductListItem  :  ProductListItem (Optional)
Output Parameters
GiftCertificateLineItem  :  GiftCertificateLineItem  :  (Required)
The Gift Certificate.
AddGCErrorMessage  :  String  :  (Optional)
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