Pipelet SetSourceCode
Applies the specified source-code to the current basket and session. This pipelet processes the source-code exactly as if it were supplied on the URL query string, with the additional benefit of returning error information. If no input parameter is passed, then the active source code in the session is removed. If an existing basket cannot be written to, the session will not be written to either. This pipelet may open and commit a transaction, if none is currently active.
Error Connector
Input Parameters
SourceCode  :  String (Optional)
The SourceCode to set as active in the session and basket. If no parameter is passed, then the active source code in the session and basket is removed.
Output Parameters
Status  :  Status  :  (Required)
Returns an OK status if the source code was applied, otherwise an ERROR status. In the latter case, the possible error codes are: - SourceCodeStatusCodes.CODE_INVALID - SourceCodeStatusCodes.CODE_INACTIVE See documentation for SourceCodeStatusCodes for further descriptions.
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