SiteGenesis in-Store Pickup

You can implement store pickup in your application by using the functionality available in the SiteGenesis application in combination with Business Manager site preferences and the multi-inventory functionality.

See Understanding in-Store Pickup for conceptual material and file-level details.

  1. Configure Business Manager to support in-store pickup via custom site preferences.
    The behavior of this feature changes if you also select the Enable MultiShipping site preference.
  2. Configure individual variation products to allow in-store pickup.
    See Add, Modify, and Edit Products Manually and use the In-store pickup setting.
  3. Associate stores with inventory lists.
  4. Add the shipping method 005 in Business Manager, if it is not there already.
    The shipment object's Boolean attribute storePickupEnabled determines if the shipping method appears as an in-store shipping method. The cost is set in Business Manager, with the default values set to 0.00 for the 005 and EUR005 shipping methods.
  5. Change your storefront application to function like the SiteGenesis application, as follows:
    1. Change/add Business Manager system object attributes.
    2. Change/add storefront user interface files.
    3. Change/add storefront business logic
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