Customer search results

When the Administration user selects the search criteria and clicks Search, customer search results are listed where you can view and manage the customers in the list. There is a limit of 250 results. This same listing also appears when you click [view] (for Waiting Approval) in the Customer Summary section.

The search results are shown in a ListView. Individual customer records can be opened by clicking the ID link. Multiple records can be selected by checking the box next to the record. Checking the column header box checks all records in the search results. Buttons below the results allow checking all, clearing all, checking records on that page and clearing checks on that page. When records have been checked, the page refreshes to expose the Bulk Actions at the bottom which might be taken on all the records that have been selected.

To search and view a list of Items, follow these steps:

  1. In the Customers accordion menu, select Customer Manager. The Customer Manager dashboard appears. See Customer Manager.
  2. Search and locate the customers. The Customer search results page appears.

The following table describes the components of the Customer search results:

Fields and Buttons Description
Search results listing A listing of all identified Items that met the search criteria including:
  • ID of the Customer. Click on the link to open the Customer detail page.
  • Tag (User Code) for the customer
  • Item types (associated with the customer)

    The Item type is noted with the Item icon (). The types that can appear include: Inventory Master Item icon ( ), Inventory Kit Items icon (), or a Inventory Physical icon ( ).

  • Label for the customer
  • Location (city and state or standard address formats associated to specific countries. See Localization.)
  • Contact name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Flag
Customer ID link Opens the Customer Details page.
Check All button Selects all record boxes.
Clear All button Clears all selected record boxes.
Check Page button Selects all record boxes on the page that appears.
Clear Page button Clears all selected record boxes on the page that appears.
Spreadsheet icon ( ) Shows the search results in an spreadsheet.
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