Creating a Warehouse Batch

In Fulfillment Center, you create batches of multiple shipping orders to process and manage them.

  1. In Order Management Fulfillment Center: click Warehouse Manager > [New Warehouse Batch].
  2. On the Create Warehouse Batch window, you can edit the label field, which is pre-filled with the current date and time appended to the word Batch.
  3. Enter an optional description of the batch in the Description field.
  4. If visible, select the printer name from the Printer list. The Printer field only appears if the WarehouseBatchPrinter custom attribute was added in the Attribute Manager.
  5. Click Save.
  6. On the Add Shipping Orders form that opens, search for the shipping orders to include in the batch using the following fields:
    • Tag
    • Order Type
    • Catalog
    • Variable Field: select one of the following and enter a search term in the text field:
      • Item Code
      • Item Location
      • Shipping Order #
      • Order #
      • Postal Code
      Note: If you specified a custom item attribute in the Batching Filter Item Attribute Fulfillment Center provider setting, that attribute is listed here.
    • (Shipping) Method
    • Pick: single or multiple items
    • Gift: Yes/No
    • Flag
    • No. Orders: if there is a value, the number of shipping orders included in the batch is limited to that amount.
    • No. Items: if there is a value, the number of shipping orders included in the batch is limited to that amount.
  7. Click Search.
  8. Click Add to Batch if the search results are acceptable. Otherwise, change the search criteria and re-run the search.
  9. When shipping orders are added to the batch, the batch goes into a Waiting Approval state. You can approve it from the Batch Details Page, or from the Warehouse Batch Summary.
    If automated client printing is enabled, then once a batch is approved, it is sent to the print queue by a job that runs every 10 minutes. When its paperwork has been printed, it goes into a Waiting Fulfillment state. After all shipping orders in the batch are fulfilled, it is closed.
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