Sales Dashboard

The Sales dashboard shows sales metrics that you can filter to fit your analytic needs.

The Sales dashboard is a group of subdashboards that report on the following sales metrics:

The dashboards show totals and averages for each area. In addition, the dashboards include reports for new and returning customers, registered and unregistered customers, sites, and devices.

Here are some examples of how you can use the Sales metrics.


Revenue metrics show the total and average revenue from sales. For example, you can review revenue results for a marketing campaign that targeted new customers during the first week of your Holiday sales. Use the dashboard metrics to compare revenue generated by new customers, and revenue generated by returning customers during the campaign dates. You can also compare registered and unregistered customers.


Use the Orders metrics to review the number of orders placed. For example, you can filter the reports to show, for a specific site, the total and average number of units ordered during the past week.


You can configure the dashboard filters to review the number of units sold by site, device type, channels, and customer type. For example, you can review the number of sales per device type during the last month. Select a date range for the past month, and select phone as the device type. The results show you the number of units sold to customers who placed orders by mobile phone.

Avg. Order value

You can review the average value of all orders placed. Use the dashboard filters to review broad and detailed results. For example, you can review the average order value for your entire realm or filter down to a single site, customer type and device type.

Units Per Transaction

Compare the number of units per transaction for new and returning customers. For example, you ran a targeted BOGO two-week marketing campaign for returning customers. During a different two-week period, you ran a targeted BOGO marketing campaign for new customers. To compare campaign sales, set your filters to review units per transaction.


Use the dashboard to review your tax liability for sales during a date range. For example, you completed a month-long promotion on one of your sites, and you want to see the sales tax liability associated with sales. Set the dashboard date range to cover the promotion period and the site selection to the appropriate site.

Shipping Cost

You can use the Sales dashboard to review total and average shipping costs. For example, you plan a free shipping promotion and want to estimate shipping costs. Use the dashboard filters to review shipping cost associated with your last free shipping promotion. Set the date range and dashboard filters to match your last free shipping promotion.

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