Create an On-Demand Sandbox Instance in Control Center

In Control Center, you can create an on-demand sandbox (ODS) instance.

Note: To create an on-demand sandbox, you must have the Sandbox_API_User role with a tenant filter in the format “<realm-id>_sbx” in Account Manager. For example, to create an ODS instance in the realm “abcd”, you must have the Sandbox_API_User role with tenant filter “abcd_sbx” in Account Manager.
  1. Log into Control Center.
  2. Select the realm where you want to add the ODS.
  3. Click Create on-demand sandbox.
  4. Complete the ODS Provisioning Request form.
    1. Set the number of hours for the sandbox.
      • 0 (infinite time)
      • 24
      • 48
    2. (Optional) Set the Auto Schedule to true. When set to true, automatic start/stop actions are activated. You can set the automatic actions to a dedicated time via the realm configuration API.
    3. Set the resource allocation for the sandbox.
      • Medium (default)
      • Large
      • X-Large
      Note: Setting the allocation to a more powerful profile consumes more credits.
    4. Click Create sandbox.

As the sandbox is generated, the Control Center instance page shows each state change (new, creating, starting, and system up and running).

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