Creating a CSC UI Configuration Manually

Create a UI configuration by entering it manually. The agent must have the necessary permissions.

  1. Select Administration > Site Development > Customer Service Center Settings.
  2. Select the customizable area.
    • Basket view
    • Basket billing address
    • Basket billing address view
    • Basket shipping address
    • Basket shipping address view
    • Customer address book
    • Customer address create
    • Customer address edit
    • Customer baskets
    • Customer create
      • Add or update form fields to capture additional customer information for the account. For example, birthday, phone number.
    • Customer edit
    • Customer order history
    • Customer search
    • Customer summary
    • Order billing address view
    • Order payment instrument
      • Update to reorder form fields for payment capture
    • Order search
      • Update to display additional fields for order search
    • Order shipping address view
    • Order summary
    • Price adjustment
      • Update reason codes for manual price adjustments
    • Product detail
      • Display product content, such as short or long descriptions and other product attributes
    • Product search
      • Display additional product content and attributes on product search result sets
    Note: All customizable address areas must be updated if you want to include country and state/province values in the address form fields on the UI.
  3. Enter or edit the configuration.
  4. Click Save.
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