Caching in Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle

The levels or types of caching that are relevant in Endless Aisle are:

Client-Side Caching

Client-side caching is done for product_search, product, store and category OCAPI requests in Endless Aisle. The reason for this cache is to have the app respond faster by avoiding going to the server to get data for things that don't change often.

Endless Aisle doesn't cache the request to get availability, prices, and promotions when you click a variant or quantity on the product detail page. This is so that when you add an item to the cart you know the current correct price and inventory, based on OCAPI cache settings.

Cache is stored in an in-application SQLite database and can be cleared in the Admin Dashboard in the Endless Aisle app.

You can turn off caching altogether in user.js with the storefront.enable_http_cache and ocapi.enable_http_cache settings. By default they are set to true. Changing this to false affects the performance of the app; when going to a search or product detail page for the second or subsequent time, the app makes a request to the server every time instead of using local cache for the second or subsequent request with the same URL. OCAPI caching still occurs if client-side caching is disabled.

The timeout is driven by the Cache-Control max-age in the response header, which comes from the OCAPI cache_time settings described in the OCAPI caching section.

OCAPI Caching

OCAPI caching is server side caching that occurs when OCAPI requests are made from the Endless Aisle app.

The cache timeout is driven by the cache_time set in the OCAPI Shop settings for the site.

To set the cache_time:

  1. Select Administration > Site Development > Open Commerce API Settings.
  2. Select Shop.
  3. Select your site.
  4. Specify the value for each instance of cache_time.
Note: You should have first copied the contents of the file that contains the default OCAPI setting for Endless Aisle from int_ocapi_ext_core/config/EA_OCAPI_Shop_Settings.json.

Clear Cache

In the Endless Aisle app, in the Admin Dashboard Configuration tab, when you tap Clear Cache, the app deletes the locally stored catalog and product data from the iPad.

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