Update Store App Role Premissions

The Store App role (EAStoreRole) is created during Site import and assigned the following permissions:
  • Login_On_Behalf
  • Login_Agent
  • Create_Order_On_Behalf_Of
  • Search_Orders
  • Handle_External_Orders
  • Adjust_Item_Price
  • Adjust_Shipping_Price

You add additional permissions to the predefined role as needed. You must have Administrator privileges in Business Manger to perform these steps.

This is one step in the process of creating stores and adding associates in Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle.

  1. In Business Manager, select Administration > Organization > Roles & Permissions.
  2. Click EAStoreRole.
  3. Click the Functional Permissions, select SiteGenesis or your site from the Select Context drop-down and click Apply.
  4. Click the checkbox next to the functional permission you want to add and click Update.
  5. Click the Locale Permissions, select Read for all the locales you plan to support in Endless Aisle and click Update.
  6. Provide the Endless Aisle Store App role with permissions to update custom objects so that store managers can update store passwords.
    1. Click the Business Manager Modules tab, select SiteGenesis or your site from the Select Context drop-down and click Apply.
    2. Click the checkbox next to Custom Object Editor.
    3. Check the checkbox next to Manage Store Associates to be able to update the store password, which is easier than updating custom objects.
    4. Click Update.
  7. Next step is creating a store for Endless Aisle
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