Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle App Components

Endless Aisle uses the following components:

Open Commerce APIs The Endless Aisle Reference app uses APIs that were built on top of OCAPI. These APIs handle all cookie interaction, etags, and response caching and are somewhat similar to the Salesforce B2C Commerce Script APIs, where on the product model it's possible to filter based on the variation values. The APIs contain refinement code for product search, variation selection, product set, product bundle, and image handling. Because most of that functionality is built in, you don't have to access OCAPI directly. Instead, you use the objects. The APIs also handle faults and errors. You can see what the server returns and act upon it. OCAPI has a built in JSON path, so it can tell you if a certain field failed validation.
Storefront APIs The Storefront APIs implement features not available in OCAPI. For example associate login and price adjustment are not applicable to web-based storefronts and therefore are not included in OCAPI. You only need to access pipelines or controllers if you want to customize the Storefront APIs. The APIs use pipelines and controllers to expose RESTful services. They share the same customer, basket, and session cookies as OCAPI.
Custom Modules Modules are a light JS wrapper that let the app access native functionality that isn't built into the platform itself. They include:
  • Verifone Vx600 driver
  • Adyen module
  • Epson printer driver
  • Ti.Paint - off the shelf module from Titanium marketplace to capture signature
  • Google Analytics module
  • Log Capture module - for capturing exceptions in the application
  • Swiss Army Utils module - for redirecting console logs to a file
  • Barcode Scanner module - for capturing barcodes with the iPad camera

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