Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle Feature Switches

The following table contains the feature switches for enabling and disabling functionality within the Endless Aisle app. When you change these preferences, the feature will be updated in the app after login. There are additional preferences that are not shown in this table that are for application configuration instead of features. Some of these feature switches have related configurations, for example, overrides have additional preferences for configuring the override reasons.

Feature Default Endless Aisle

Preference Page

Address Suggestions Off Address Suggestions Google API key required to enable address suggestions
Address Verification Off General Requires server side implementation, but the client side can be enabled to then verify customer, shipping and billing addresses
Admin Dashboard     Permissions based access
Adyen Signature Confirmation On Checkout When using Adyen devices, associate is required to confirm signature
Alternate Shipping On Checkout Ship to store as a shipping address option
Change Storefront Link Off General Ability to switch to different storefront site and language from the login dialog
Collect Billing Address Off Checkout Will always be on if using Pay Through Web
Forgot Password Link On General Lets a manager change the associate password from the login dialog
Gift Cards Accepted On Checkout Accept gift cards for payment - disabled for Adyen devices
Gift Messaging On Checkout Gift messaging for shipping
Google Analytics Off Analytics Configuration for enabling Google analytics tracking
Kiosk Off Kiosk When kiosk username/password is set up, this can be enabled and disabled in the application
Kiosk Cart Functionality On Kiosk Requires kiosk to be on, is used to allow/disallow checkout in kiosk mode
Multi Tender Payments Accepted On Checkout Enables accepting multiple payment types on the same order - disabled for Adyen devices
Order History Email Button On General Show/hide customer email on order history
Order History Print Button On General Allow/disallow printing order history
Payment Device Connection Dialog On Device Configurable dialog to appear at login or checkout to indicate an issue with payment device
Payment Device Connection Icon On Device Icon in primary navigation bar to indicate whether payment device is connected
Pickup In Another Store On Alternate Shipping Allow/disallow customer pickup in another store location
Printer Availability On Checkout Allow/disallow printing a receipt
Product Image Zoom On General Allow/disallow image zoom on large product images
Product Price Overrides On Overrides Permission based for amounts to allow
Product Recommendations On General Recommendations tab on PDP
Sales Dashboard   Sales Reports Permissions based access, although there are configurations related to Sales Reports
Shipping Price Overrides On Overrides Permission based for amounts to allow
Store Inventory On General Display inventory tab on PDP
Wish List On General Show/hide customer wish lists features

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