Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle Payment Devices

The Endless Aisle app supports the following payment devices:

To integrate with a different device, you have to create a payment device module.

Note: Your payment device should support EMV. You can check with the manufacturer to be sure that it does. There might be additional customization necessary to support EMV for the full payment integration.

Connect a Supported Payment Device to the App

You can connect through a direct connection, Bluetooth, or Ethernet/Wi-Fi, as indicated in this table:

Device: Can connect via:
Verifone PAYware mobile e335 Direct connect
Verifone e355 with Verifone firmware Bluetooth/direct connect
Verifone 3e55 with Adyen firmware Wi-Fi
Verifone VX680 device with Adyen software Wi-Fi
Verifone VX820 device with Adyen software Ethernet

Update Firmware and Libraries

There are several components to consider when connecting to a payment device.


Problem Solution
There are times where the Adyen shuttle is paired via Bluetooth to the iPad, yet the connection doesn't seem to be set. You can often see this as a Status of Device Error in the Admin Dashboard. Suspending and resuming the Adyen shuttle will correct this. Nothing has to be done in the app. With the Endless Aisle app up and logged in, hold the Adyen shuttle and press the red X down until you see Suspending... Then press the green check mark until you see Resuming... After this, the connection should be fine. You should see a Status of Initialized in the Admin Dashboard.
Setting up Endless Aisle to use adyenDevice for payment in the user.js file cause an error in the console log when building.

The error in the console log looks like this:

[ERROR] Script Error Couldn't find module: com.demandware.adyen

[ERROR] Script Error Module "adyenDevice" failed to leave a valid exports object

  1. In Appcelerator, edit Endless-Aisle-app/tiapp.xml .
  2. In the Modules section on the right, click the + button.
  3. Select the com.demandware.adyen module and click OK.
  4. Remove com.demandware.verifone by selecting in the Modules list and selecting X.

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