Enable Address Verification in Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle

The Endless Aisle app supports integrating with a third party address verification service (AVS). In addition to enabling AVS in Business Manager, you modify the server-side and app code and enable AVS in Business Manager. To enable Address Verification, see Specifying General Endless Aisle App Settings in Business Manager.

To modify the server-side code:

  1. Open the file int_ocapi_ext_core/cartridge/scripts/requests/AddressValidationRequest.ds.
  2. Edit the code in the try/catch block. The code that is included in the Endless Aisle server-side code is a hard coded example.
  3. In AddressValidationRequest.ds, you pass the results from the address verification service to formatResults. When you handle the results, you might have to make modifications to the response so that it is in the format expected.
  4. If verification fails (due to invalid or alternate addresses), set status to PIPELET_ERROR.

To modify the app code:

  1. Make modifications to the customer, shippping and billing address in Endless Aisle to support the change in address display.
  2. Edit the following files as appropriate to adjust the display of the address coming back from AVS.
    • app/lib/EAUtils.js - for addressVerification
    • app/models/recommendedAddress.js – for getCityStateZip
    • app/controllers/components/avsPopover.js

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