Enabling Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle Payment Through the Web

CAUTION: If you enable payment through the web and are running on iOS 9.3 or later, in order to be PCI compliant, you must disable the Scan Credit Card feature in Safari. On the iPad, go to Settings > Safari > Autofill > Credit Cards> Slider off.

When you have enabled a payment device, before you deploy the app you should Test the Endless Aisle Payment Device.

  1. In app/assets/config/user.js, specify:
        devices : {
            payment_terminal_module : 'webDevice'
  2. In app/assets/config/user.js, ensure that payment entry is specified as : payment_entry : 'web',
  3. Copy tiapp.xml.sample.ptw to tiapp.xml and make any necessary changes. See Specifying Endless Aisle App Settings.
  4. In tiapp.xml, ensure that the ti.safaridialog (ios) module is included.
  5. Update the web payment form as needed for your organization.
    • for controllers the EACheckout-StartWebPayment controller (int_ocapi_ext_controllers/cartridge/controllers/EACheckout.js)
    • for pipelines the EACheckout-StartWebPayment pipeline (int_ocapi_ext_pipelines/cartridge/pipelines/EACheckout.xml)
    • the webpayment.isml template (int_ocapi_ext_core/cartridge/templates/default/webpayment.isml)
    • the WebPayment.xml form. (int_ocapi_ext_core/cartridge/forms/default/WebPayment.xml)
    • the webpayment.properties file (int_ocapi_ext_core/cartridge/templates/resources/webpayment.properties)
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