Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle 2.5

Endless Aisle is a reference app that uses customer, product, and inventory data from Salesforce B2C Commerce to enable store associates to access this information to complete sales in the store. Associates can use the app to find additional product styles and sizes, make recommendations based on buyer preferences, perform price and shipping overrides, look at customers' wish lists, and checkout customers.

Provided with the Endless Aisle app are the following:

Customizing the Endless Aisle app for your organization requires doing the following:

  1. Set Up Your Endless Aisle Development Environment.
  2. Perform Data Setup and Integration
  3. Set Up Business Manager for Endless Aisle
  4. Create Stores and Add Associates
  5. Set Up the Endless Aisle App
  6. Set Up Endless Aisle Payment Device
  7. Doing the Customization

Personal Information and Security

Because PII data is never stored on the device that’s running the Endless Aisle Reference app, there is no need to be PCI/DSS compliant. Instead, credit card track data is encrypted on the payment device. However, customer data does go to the Commerce Cloud.

As a result of this approach that isolates PII from the Endless Aisle Reference app, merchants are not exposed to PCI audits. Instead, the magnetic card reader and its provider are subject to a PCI audit.

As a security measure, all associate, customer, basket, and related information is flushed on customer logout, associate logout, application timeout and application close. In addition, Salesforce advocates MDM security, such as geo-fencing, where if the device is taken from the building, everything gets erased from it. Another measure is to restrict the device to kiosk mode, in which you can open the app, but can’t start Safari.

Note: If you enable payment through the web and are running on iOS 9.3 or later, in order to be PCI compliant, you must disable the Scan Credit Card feature in Safari. On the iPad, go to Settings > Safari > Passwords & Autofill > Credit Cards> Slider off.

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