Run the Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle App in Kiosk Mode

Endless Aisle supports setting up and running the app in a kiosk. By design, kiosk mode provides a limited subset of Endless Aisle app functionality, including:

Setting up your development environment is the same for kiosk mode as for when you intend to deploy on a device such as an iPad.

In addition to the steps to set up Business Manager for deploying the app on a device, to deploy in kiosk mode, you also:

See Setting Up Endless Aisle to Run in Kiosk Mode.

Create the Kiosk Permission Group

The kiosk permission group limits the functionality that is available in the Endless Aisle app. Doing so ensures that customers who use the app don't have access to features that are not appropriate and that could expose data that customers shouldn't access. Use our out of the box permission group (Kiosk - ki-mde) or, if you don't have that, you can create the custom object

  1. In Business Manager, select site > Merchant Tools > Custom Objects > Custom Object Editor.
  2. In the Type drop-down, select permissionGroup.
  3. Click New.
  4. Enter the permission group id and group name. No permissions should be selected for a kiosk mode user.
  5. Click Apply.

Add an Associate to the Kiosk Permission Group

  1. Follow the steps in Creating, Assigning, Modifying Endless Aisle Store Associates
  2. Select the kiosk permission group you created or ki-mde.

Running the App in Kiosk Mode

To run the app in kiosk mode, when the app starts for the first time, enable kiosk mode on the Welcome to Endless Aisle screen. To have the Welcome screen appear on app startup, in the Admin Dashboard, on the App Settings tab enable or disable Kiosk Mode.

When the app is running in kiosk mode, a store manager or associate with appropriate permissions can log in to the app to perform price and shipping overrides or acces the Admin Dashboard. To do so, swipe left the navigation bar, tap the associate icon, and enter login credentials.

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