Specifying Address Form Per Location for Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle

Endless Aisle supports location-specific address forms. By default, Endless Aisle provides one address form for North America and one form for Europe. You can create and use a different address form. If someone using the app sets the iPad to a location for which there is no address form, the app uses the addressForm_NA.
  1. Create an address form and save it in the folder app/assets/config/address. You can use the app/assets/config/address/addressForm_NA.js, app/assets/config/address/addressForm_EU.js, and app/assets/config/address/addressForm_Asia.js as models for the new form.
  2. Edit app/assets/config/address/addressConfig.js to specify the form to use for the countries where you want to use it.
    The default address forms include:
    module.exports = {
        local_address : {
            US : 'config/address/addressForm_NA',
            CA : 'config/address/addressForm_NA',
            FR : 'config/address/addressForm_EU',
            NL : 'config/address/addressForm_EU',
            GB : 'config/address/addressForm_EU',
            ES : 'config/address/addressForm_EU',
            DE : 'config/address/addressForm_EU',
            JP : 'config/address/addressForm_Asia',
            CN : 'config/address/addressForm_Asia',
            default : 'config/address/addressForm_NA'
  3. Save addressConfig.js.
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