Price Book Object Import/Export

Use the pricebook.xsd schema file to import price books.

Business Manager Import Location

Granularity: selected price book.

Deleting Price Tables

In Salesforce B2C Commerce, a single SKU can have many associated price tables, as long as each price has a different valid-from date. For editable price books, you can use the price book import to delete all price tables associated with a specific SKU with a single line using the delete-all attribute, as follows:

<price-table product-id="xyz" mode="delete-all" /> 

Read-only price books only support the delete attribute, not the delete-all attribute.

Import Mode and Storefront Visibility

If you import your price book in UPDATE mode, each row in the price book table is updated in one transaction and the new price is visible in the storefront after the transaction is committed.

If you import in REPLACE mode, the whole price book is loaded in one transaction and the new prices shown after transaction commit. The prices for the cart are not cached but the script calculateCart.ds loads the price for a line item. Price book changes made in this mode are visible in the storefront after the transaction has been committed. If a line item price changes after the price book load, the new price is visible in the cart as well.

If you import a read-only price book, the import speed is reduced by at least 60%. However, the prices can't be manually edited in Business Manager. Read-only price books should be imported in REPLACE mode for the fastest import times and fewest import failures. To use read-only price books, contact Salesforce Customer Support to have the High Scale Price Books feature enabled.

You can't change the currency of a price book using import in MERGE or UPDATE mode. However, you can change the currency of a price book in REPLACE mode.

If you import your price book in DELETE mode, the complete price book is deleted, instead of just the price assignments of SKUs listed in the XML.

Price book import ignores price books that contain a negative amount or quantity value. The problem is reported in the import log.

Price book import rejects price books with unknown currencies. The system reports a data warning.

Read-Only Price Books

Delete is the only mode attribute supported for read only price books. If you import a read only price book in REPLACE mode with any mode attribute, the import succeeds but ignores the mode attribute. If you import a read only price book in MERGE or UPDATE mode with the delete attribute, it behaves the same as an editable price book.

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Granularity: passed price books.
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