Enable Language Translation

There are tasks required to translate your storefront into the required languages.

Source Translation

To enable translation of the source:

  1. Create language-specific folders (for example, es_US).
  2. Identify images (for example, buttons) with locale-specific text.
  3. Identify for translation only those templates that are used in the storefront.
  4. Identify the JavaScript files where the locale-specific text is used.
  5. Identify other product, category, or content images where the locale-specific text is used.
  6. Translate these files and store them under the folder previously created (for example, es_US).
  7. Run a full regression test and QA for the localized content.
  8. Change the header or sidebar to integrate a select box where the user can select the language to be used for a session.

Content Translation:

To enable content translation:

  1. Export content, category, or products.
  2. Translate the content, category, or products.
  3. Import the content and use Business Manager for further editing.
  4. Translate name and description of shipping methods. These values appear in the storefront during checkout.
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