Variation Group Pricing, Inventory, and Promotions

You can assign promotions and pricing to variations groups.

Variation groups can have a SKU assigned to them. That SKU must be unique across all products in a catalog.

Variation groups don't have an inventory record. Inventory is calculated as the sum of all inventory records from the variation products in the group.

Pricing and Promotions

Variation groups can be assigned to promotions and adjust pricing through promotions.

However, variation groups can't have prices assigned in Business Manager. In this way, variation groups are similar to product sets.

Important: While it's technically possible to assign prices to the SKU of a variation group through the import, such prices have no effect in B2C Commerce.

In the API, the ProductPriceModel returned for a variation group represents the price of all the variants contained in the group, creating a price range. When determining the prices for variants in a variation group, B2C Commerce first checks the variation product. If the variation product doesn't have a price defined, the price falls back to the base product. The fallback doesn't consider any prices assigned to the variation group.

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