Assign Profiles to Define Sandbox Resources

Manage your sandboxes more efficiently by assigning resource profiles to them based on your needs. Resource profiles define the disk, CPU, and memory allocation for their assigned sandboxes.

Assigning resource profiles to sandboxes provides several benefits:

You can assign one of three discrete profiles to each on-demand sandbox. This table describes the settings for each resource profile:

Resource Profile CPU & Memory Units Storage Running Cost (Credits/Minute) Stopped Cost (Credits/Minute)
medium (Default) 1 10 GB 1 0.3
large 2 20 GB 2 0.3
xlarge 4 50 GB 4 0.3

Define an on-demand sandbox with a resource profile using the POST/sandboxes method.

  1. To open the Sandbox API user interface, go to B2C Commerce Sandbox API.
  2. Click Authorize.
  3. Enter the API client ID for the Sandbox API.
  4. To dismiss the authorization window and return to the Sandbox API user interface, click Close.
  5. In the Sandboxes section of the Sandbox API user interface, click to expand the POST/sandboxes method.
  6. Click Try it out.
  7. In the request body, specify the desired resource profile.
  8. If you're using an Operation Scheduler to manage this sandbox, change the autoScheduled parameter to true.
  9. If applicable, enter values for OCAPI or WebDAV settings, or delete those sections of the request body.
  10. Click Execute.

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