SiteGenesis / Server-side JS / Class: RecentlyViewedItemsModel

module:models/RecentlyViewedItemsModel~ RecentlyViewedItemsModel

new RecentlyViewedItemsModel()

Model holding information about last visited items based on the current session. Currently only products are supported.



(static) getRecentlyViewedProducts(maxSize) → {dw.util.ArrayList}

Returns an array of products visited in the current session. The array is retrieved from the live click stream recorded in the session. All clicks on a page rendered from a "Product-Show", "Link-Product", or "Link-CategoryProduct" URL are interpreted as a product visit. Clicks on different variations of the same master product are merged and treated as one click.

Name Type Description
maxSize Number

The maximum number of visited products to include in the returned list.


The list of last visited products. If no products have been visited, the returned list is empty.


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