global The global object is a pre-defined object that serves as a placeholder for the global properties and functions of JavaScript.
APIException This error indicates an exceptional outcome of some business logic.
arguments The arguments of a function.See Also:Function
Array An Array of items.
Boolean Provides support for boolean values.
ConversionError Represents a conversion error.
Date A Date object contains a number indicating a particular instant in time to within a millisecond.
Error Error represents a generic exception.
EvalError Represents an evaluation error.
Fault This error indicates an RPC related error in the system.
Function The Function class represent a JavaScript function.
Generator A generator is a special type of function that works as a factory for iterators and it allows you to define an iterative algorithm by writing a single function which can maintain its own state.
InternalError Represents the an internal error.
IOError This error indicates an I/O related error in the system.
Iterator An Iterator is a special object that lets you access items from a collection one at a time, while keeping track of its current position within that sequence.
JSON The JSON object is a single object that contains two functions, parse and stringify, that are used to parse and construct JSON texts.
Math Mathematical functions and constants.
Module CommonJS modules are JavaScript files that are loaded using the require(String) function.
Namespace Namespace objects represent XML namespaces and provide an association between a namespace prefix and a Unique Resource Identifier (URI).
Number A Number object represents any numerical value, whether it is an integer or floating-point number.
Object The Object object is the foundation of all native JavaScript objects.
QName QName objects are used to represent qualified names of XML elements and attributes.
RangeError Represents a range error.
ReferenceError Represents a reference error.
RegExp The RegExp object is a static object that generates instances of a regular expression for pattern matching and monitors all regular expressions in the current window or frame.
StopIteration A special type of exception that is thrown when an Iterator or Generator sequence is exhausted.See
String The String object represents any sequence of zero or more characters that are to be treated strictly as text.
SyntaxError Represents a syntax error.
SystemError This error indicates an error in the system, which doesn't fall into any of the other error categories like for example IOError.
TypeError Represents a type error.
URIError Represents a URI error.
XML The XML object contains functions and properties for working with XML instances.
XMLList An XMLList object is an ordered collection of properties.
XMLStreamError This error indicates an XML streaming related error in the system.
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