Searching for Quotes in Customer Service Center

When an order process is started, it can be saved as a quote without actually submitting it. A quote is stored in the system and can be converted to an order at a later time.

When the customer is ready to complete the order, the Customer Service Representative can find the quote. When the quote is found and opened, the alert icon (???) appears on tabs that still require information to progress the order. When the information is populated on the page, the alert symbol disappears.

When a customer inquires about an existing quote, you can search for it in Customer Service Center as follows:

  1. In Order Management Customer Service Center, click Find Quote from the top menu or the Actions menu.
    This link only appears if quotes have been enabled in the Administration module: Settings > System Preferences.
    The Existing Quote Search form opens. Along the top of the page are the search criteria fields, which filter the search results. Using more than one search criteria refines the search results.
  2. Select the search criteria from one or more lists.

    Available search criteria include the following:

    • Catalog: a list to search for quotes based on item catalogs.
    • Agent: a list to search for quotes by the agent who recorded them.
    • Quote ID: a list to search based on specific criterion types. When the criterion type is selected, you can enter search terms based on the selected criterion type. Perform wildcard searches using the percent (%) symbol, which represents zero or more characters. The following options are available:
      • Quote ID
      • Quote $ Total
      • Customer CD
      • Last Name
    • Date Range: a list to search by date or date range. For example, search for today, this week, this month, or this year.
  3. Click Search.
    A list of quotes meeting the search criteria appears.
  4. Click the ID of a quote to open the Order entry page.

    The order is populated with the information from the quote.

    You can also perform the following actions on the quote by clicking the corresponding link on the right side of the page:

    • Void
    • Print
    • Email
  5. You can now convert the quote into sales orders.
    See Creating a New Orderfor details on populating the information in the Order Entry tabs.

Scenario: Search for a Quote

The following is a typical scenario when searching for a quote in Customer Service Center.

Scenario: save order as a quote
A customer called to place an order. The Customer Service Representative (CSR) added two blouses to the online shopping cart. The customer was unsure of the proper blouse size so they ask if they can call the following day. The CSR saves the partial order as a quote so that the order can be completed when they call the next day.
The CSR performs these steps to save the order as a pending order:
  1. From the Cart tab, click Review(???). In this example, the alert (???) icon appears on both the Shipping and Payments tab because neither has completed information.
  2. Click Save as Quote at the bottom of the page. The order details are saved and a quote number is generated.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Click Home to return to the Customer Service Home page.
    • Click Print Quote to print the quote.
    • Click Email Quote to email the quote to the customer.
  4. When the customer calls back on the next day, click Find Quote from the Customer Service Center Home page and search using the quote number.The Existing Quote search results open.
  5. Click the Quote No. link and complete the order on the Order details page.

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