Debug the Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle App

You can gather debugging information while running the app:

Set Loggable Categories

You set the loggable categories that appear in the Appcelerator Studio console or in the Admin Dashboard. When you initially start viewing logs, you might want to specify "all" to ensure you get as much information as possible.

You can set the loggable category to be very specific. When you set a loggable category, all of its sub-categories are also logged. For more details, see Logging.

When running the app from Appcelerator Studio, you can view the console to see the logging information.

  1. In Appcelerator Studio console window, click the Log level icon and select Trace.

Debug the App Code

  1. You can set breakpoints in the code; you have to set breakpoints in the Resources directory for anything outside of the controllers directory (models, lib). For controllers you can set the breakpoint in the original file.
  2. If the Derived File Encountered dialog, which asks "This file is derived. Do you really want to edit it?" appears, click No.
  3. You can run the app in debug mode by selecting Run > Debug As.
  4. Set Up Error Logging for Endless Aisle and change Send Email to Endless Aisle Admin and Endless Aisle Admin Email Addresses.
Note: If you set a breakpoint, but it's never reached, see details on debugging in Titanium!/guide/Alloy_Debugging_and_Troubleshooting-section-34637808_AlloyDebuggingandTroubleshooting-Debugging.

Run the App in the Simulator and iPad

When customizing the Endless Aisle app in Appcelerator Studio, you run the app in the simulator. When ready, you can then deploy the app to a device, such as an iPad.

Debug Modules

Xcode Debugger and Appcelerator Studio Debugger can be connected to the same iOS process at the same time for debugging, which allows for debugging JavaScript and Objective-C code at the same time.

You must change “Release” to “Debug” in the file in the module’s code directory to create debug builds.

To connect a running app to Xcode, in the Debug menu, select Attach to Process. Select the Endless Aisle app. You can then set breakpoints and step through the code. You can view the console to see information such as the iOS logging statements.

View the Console for the Device

When you have deployed the Endless Aisle app to a device, such as an iPad, you can connect the device to your development machine to view the console log of the device.

  1. Install the app on the device.
  2. Start the Endless Aisle app.
  3. Open Xcode.
  4. Click the Devices tab.
  5. Select the device that is connected to the iPad.
  6. Select the console for the device.

Debug in the Store

You should set up error logging for Endless Aisle. If a store associate encounters a JavaScript error in the app, a dialog appears with the error, for example "Can't find variable: items at enterAddressNoState.js (line 45)". The associate can enter information about what actions they were performing and send that information to the admin email address.

Use the Admin Dashboard

To access the Admin Dashboard in the app, tap the Hamburger Menu and select Admin Dashboard. You can use the Admin Dashboard while customizing and debugging the app or even in the store to gather information including:

To assist in debugging, the Admin Dashboard also lets you:

View Server Code Logs

To view the Endless Aisle server logs you configure Business Manager.

  1. Set Up Server Side Logging.
  2. In Business Manager, select Administration > Site Development > Development Setup to check the server logs (error*.log).

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