Handle Errors

When a customer interacts with a payment device, various outcomes outside the successful case can occur, including:

Note: All these cases (and possibly more) must be accounted for in your code. The complete set depends on the functions that the payment device supports.

The following table lists the events that can be fired back into the Endless Aisle app to handle these cases.

Event name Description
payment_terminal:manual_card_data_on Fired when the user enables manual entry from a device. Only used if the device has the ability to switch to manual. (Verifone allows this.)
payment_terminal:manual_card_data_off Fired when the user disables manual entry from a device. Only used if the device has the ability to switch off manual. (Verifone allows this.)
Note: The payment_terminal:manual_card_data_on and payment_terminal:manual_card_data_off events are not device specific. Firing either event from a payment module back into the app causes the Manual button in the payment terminal dialog to show the correct state. In the case of Verifone, it tells the module when it switches manual on or off, one of these two events is then fired back into the app.
payment_terminal:dismiss Fired to close the payment terminal dialog window in the app. For example, when a user cancels a transaction from a device or the device times out.
cc_payment_error (1.7.1 and Earlier)

payment_cc_error (1.7.2 and Later)

Fired if a payment error occurs.

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