Importing Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle Settings

You can import Endless Aisle app settings using file, but first you must change the directory name to the name of your site. However, you can only import the file that is included with the Endless Aisle app if SiteGenesis is your site name. Otherwise, follow steps 4-6 to recreate the .zip file.

Any preferences specified in preferences.xml will overwrite any Endless Aisle app settings currently specified in Business Manager. If you want to keep existing Endless Aisle preferences, export them, merge the preferences.xml files, and then import them.

Note: If you change any Endless Aisle custom site preferences from the default value, you must also change it on each instance so that the replication pushes those values and not undo any changes on development or production. Don't make changes on development or production; instead, make changes on staging and then replicate them.
  1. Go to int_ocapi_ext_core/config/EA_Preferences/sites and change SiteGenesis to be the name of your site.
  2. Look at the preferences.xml file and see if any modifications are needed.
  3. Zip the file EA_Preferences file with the following command: zip -r EA_Preferences
    Don't use the compress functionality in Finder on the Mac to create the .zip file; if you do so, the import fails. Instead, use the command line option as documented.
  4. In Business Manager, select Administration->Site Development->Site Import & Export.
  5. Click Choose File and select the created in step 3.
  6. Click Open.
  7. Click Upload.
  8. In the table, select
  9. Click Import and click OK.
  10. Next step is Setting Up Payment for Endless Aisle.
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