Setting Up Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle Checkout

  1. In Business Manager, select site > Merchant Tools > Site Preferences > Custom Preferences.
  2. Click Endless Aisle Checkout.
  3. Specify the following:
    • Store Credit Card Payment Method - enter the payment method to use for Endless Aisle
    • Store Credit Card Payment Processor - enter the payment processor to use for Endless Aisle
    • Credit Card Decryption Service Endpoint - endpoint to call for decrypting credit cards
    • Use Controllers for Decrypting Credit Card - whether to use controllers or pipelines for decrypting credit card
    • Credit Card Authorization Endpoint - endpoint to call for credit card authorization
    • Payment Process Flow - whether to capture all payment instruments and perform auths in one final call like Site Genesis,or perform auths as payments are entered/captured
    • Signature Folder - folder where to save the customer signature for the payment authorization
      Note: If you want to store signatures for payment authorization, you must first create the folder in which to store the signatures on the server (for example, Impex/src/signatures) using WebDAV. You then specify the folder in Business Manager.
    • NFC Signature Threshold Amount - signature prompt occurs only when NFC total amount is equal to or greater than configured amount
    • Swipe Signature Threshold Amount - signature prompt occurs only when the swipe total amount is equal to or greater than configured amount
    • Adyen Signature Confirmation - for Adyen payment devices, associate is required to confirm signature from customer prior to approval.
    • Gift Messaging - whether to enable gift messages
    • Collect Billing Address - whether to enable collecting a separate billing address; if pay through web is used, billing address is always collected
    • Gift Cards Accepted - whether to enable accepting gift cards
    • Multi Tender Payments Accepted - whether to allow multi tender payments during checkout
    • Printer Availability - whether printer is available for receipts in Endless Aisle
    • Printer QR Code URL - storefront URL to load for QR code printed on receipt
  4. Click Save.
  5. Next step is Setting up Endless Aisle App Timeouts.
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