Specifying General Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle App Settings in Business Manager

  1. In Business Manager, select site > Merchant Tools > Site Preferences > Custom Preferences.
  2. Click Endless Aisle General.
  3. Specify the following:
    • OCAPI Client ID - The OCAPI client ID to use for Endless Aisle
    • Order History Email Button - Show the email order button on order details page from order history.
    • Order History Print Button - Show the print order button on order details page from order history.
    • Address Verification - whether to verify any addresses entered in Endless Aisle (For details on making necessary code modifications, see Enabling Address Verification in Endless Aisle)
    • Forgot Password Link - whether to show the Forgot Password link on the login dialog allowing the administrators to change associate passwords in Endless Aisle
    • Change Country Link - Show the change Country link on the login dialog allowing the administrators to change the country in Endless Aisle
    • Image Zoom - whether to allow image zoom on product images
    • Product Recommendations - whether to show product recommendations in Endless Aisle
    • Failed Login Attempts - number of allowed failed login attempts
    • Store Inventory - whether to show store inventory in Endless Aisle
    • Store Inventory Search Radius - default radius for searching stores for product inventory
    • Store Inventory Lookup Unit - default unit type for searching inventory of product in stores
    • Customer Search Limit - maximum number of customers to return in a search query
    • Orders Returned Limit - maximum number of orders returned during order history lookups
    • Wish List - enable wish list in Endless Aisle
    • Show Private Wish List - show private wish lists when wish list is enabled in Endless Aisle
    • Show Product List Private Items - show private items in wish lists and other product lists
    • Store Password Expiration Notification - Number of days before store password expires to notify associate to change password. If 0 then no notification appears.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Next step is Setting Up Analytics for Endless Aisle.
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