Update GetImage on Server Side

As of release 1.9.0, there are server side changes that have to be made if you use DIS image service or a non-standard implementation of image view types

You should review all the calls to getImage in the int_ocapi_ext_core cartridge to make sure the image view type names are correct for the server.

If you change the following section in Open Commerce API Settings for you site, you most likely need to change the server scripts that use getImage to return the image to Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle.

               "resource_id": "/product_search/images",
               "methods": ["get"],
               "read_attributes": "(**)",
               "write_attributes": "(**)",
               "config": {
                              "search_result.hits.image:view_type": "large",
                              "search_result.variation_attributes.values.image:view_type": "medium",
                              "search_result.variation_attributes.values.image_swatch:view_type": "swatch"
               "cache_time": 900

For DIS the configuration is usually the same view type for all images; the image service sizes the image accordingly based on the configuration.

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