Manage Shipping Methods

Use Business Manager to create and manage the shipping methods available in your site, including tax classes, currency, order value, and shipping cost.

You can exclude products that can't be shipped with a particular shipping method, and you can exclude addresses that aren't used by a particular shipping method.

You can also create custom attributes of the ShippingMethod system object and localize them. The existing description and displayName attributes are also localizable.

  1. Select site > Ordering > Shipping Methods.
  2. Select a shipping method or click New.
  3. Select a language for the shipping method.
    Prices stay consistent between language changes. Changing the language does not create a method list.
  4. Enter a unique site-wide ID for the shipping method.
  5. Enter a descriptive name so that customers know what type of shipping method is available.
  6. Enter an optional description.
  7. To make the shipping method available on the site, select Enabled.
  8. To make this shipping method the default when a customer doesn't choose a method, select Default .
  9. To save definition steps, select another shipping method to base the one you are editing on.
  10. Select a tax class.
  11. Select a currency.
    This field is enabled only if the multi-currency feature is available, or if the multi-currency feature is disabled but shipping methods with multiple currencies are already created. If you don't specify a currency, the default currency for the site is used.
  12. Click Apply.
  13. Enter shipment costs.
    1. For each scaled shipping entry, enter the minimum shipment value to apply the shipment charge. To specify a flat rate for all shipments, enter 0 as the value.
    2. Enter the shipment cost for the specified value. For example, for all shipments with a value of zero and above (that is, all orders), the cost to ship is the fixed price of $12.95.
  14. Enter product fixed costs.
    You can define charges for specific product groups. To bill fixed shipping costs for a shipment that contains only fixed shipping cost items, define a shipping cost entry of Shipment Value:0 and Shipment Cost:0. You can also add an entry of Shipment Value:0.01 and a Shipment Cost of your choice.
    1. Specify the product groups that use the specified shipping method. If the product isn't assigned to the site catalog, an error occurs.
    2. Enter the shipping cost to apply to each product group.

    This example shows defining a shipping charge only for TVs with a diagonal size of 55 inches.

    1. Under the Product Group heading, click Edit.
    2. Click Add (to add another part to the rule that is in an AND relationship with the first part; click Add Include to create another qualification rule that is joined to the first by OR).
    3. Click Select Qualifier and then Diagonal Size from the list of custom attributes.
    4. Click Operator (equals).
    5. Click in the Value field and enter 55.
    6. Click Save.

    The two qualifying statements are combined to be one statement that defines a shipping cost on all TVs that have a diagonal size of 55 inches.

    To add another shipping cost for another group of products, click Add in the Product Fixed Cost section. Adding another shipping cost creates OR statements between the rules.

  15. To add surcharge costs to specific product groups, enter the shipping cost to apply.
    1. For one or more surcharge costs, specify one or more product groups that use the specified shipping method.
    2. Enter the shipping cost to be applied to each product group.
  16. Enter the products or addresses you want to exclude.
    1. Select excluded products for the specified shipping method. In the storefront, when a customer's cart contains excluded products, the shipping method isn't listed as a shipping option. See Product Include Exclude window.
    2. Select excluded addresses for the specified shipping method, for example, when a shipping company limits services to certain geographic locations. Define these exclusions in Business Manager on the standard shipping method page using the product and address rule editors. See Product Include Exclude window.
    Exclusion rules define a blocklist of restricted products and addresses. You can also define the rules to form a allowlist. For example, you define a shipping method address exclusion as: "shipping address doesn't equal Alaska or Hawaii". Now, the shipping method only ships to Alaska and Hawaii.
  17. To restrict the payment method to specific customer groups, click Edit in the Customer Groups section.
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