Explicit Recommendations

One way to enable product recommendations on the storefront is to use explicit recommendations. These recommendations are called "explicit" because they require you to explicitly link recommendation sources (categories, products, or product sets) to recommendation targets (products or product sets).

You manually configure explicit recommendations in Business Manager. However, it's also possible for an administrator to create an import feed to input large numbers of recommendations for your site in a single job execution.

Explicit recommendations are often referred to as cross-sell (recommend related products) or up-sell (recommend more expensive products), although you can define recommendations more granularly. For example, you might want to implement multiple types of cross-sells, categorized as family products, complimentary or accessory products, and competing products. These product placements can be rendered in the storefront under labels such as What's New, May We Also Recommend, You Might Also Like, and Best Sellers. They can appear in different sections of the storefront, most commonly on the home page, category display pages, product detail pages, and the shopping cart.

An explicit recommendation is a link from one object in Salesforce B2C Commerce, either a product or a category called the source object, to a different product, called the target. This link has an extensible type (for example, cross-sell or up-sell), which can be used in the storefront application to identify the recommendation type to be used.

Explicit recommendations have a catalog scope and represent a typed link between catalog objects, specific categories, and products. Although explicit recommendations are related to these catalog elements, they exist independently. Explicit recommendations are sorted across types, not within types. B2C Commerce doesn't maintain a separate sort order for recommendation types such as cross-sell or up-sell.

There are also some special cases and developer considerations when you create recommendations in B2C Commerce.

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