Special Cases of Explicit Recommendations

Because there is a dependency between functionality exposed within Business Manager and the configuration of the extensible Recommendation business object, it's important to understand how Salesforce B2C Commerce behaves in special circumstances.

Scenario B2C Commerce behavior
A recommendation exists but its type is no longer available in the value definition list of the RecommendationType attribute. B2C Commerce shows the integer value without a display name. B2C Commerce doesn't include the invalid values in the drop down lists for filtering by type. These values are included, however, when you edit an existing recommendation.
There are no attribute value definitions for the RecommendationType attribute. You can't create a recommendation in this case. You must select a valid type when creating a recommendation through Business Manager.
A source or target object (category/product) is removed from the catalog, but related recommendations are not removed.

Orphaned recommendations appear in the Recommendations section of Business Manager, where you can delete them. The SKU for both the source and target products appear, but their names indicate NOT AVAILABLE.

Orphaned recommendations are also included in an export. Recommendations that reference non-existing products can be imported, but do not affect the application.

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