Use On-Demand Sandbox Credits Efficiently

You can purchase credits for uptime and downtime sandbox usage. The credit system provides the flexibility to determine how to use your sandboxes most efficiently. For example, depending on your needs, you can keep just a few sandboxes running for an extended period or create many short-term sandboxes.

A user assigned to the Sandbox API User role can control how the credits are spent.

When created or started, a sandbox begins consuming uptime, at the rate of 1 credit per minute or portion of a minute. When stopped, a sandbox consumes downtime, at the rate of 0.3 credits per minute or portion of a minute. When a sandbox is deleted, it stops consuming credits.

Since sandboxes consume credits even when they are in a stopped state, delete a sandbox when you don't need it. Create a new one when you want to start using a sandbox again. Stop and restart the same sandbox only if you have to retain the exact set of data created for the sandbox.

If you need a sandbox repeatedly for the same purpose, consider using APIs to automate creating a sandbox and importing the applicable data and code. Then you can quickly recreate the sandbox environment after it is deleted.

You can easily import SFRA into a sandbox using Business Manager. You don't have to keep a sandbox in the stopped state just to maintain an environment that uses SFRA.

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