A/B Testing Suggestions

These are some general suggestions:

Clearing Cookies When You Are Verifying Your Tests

When you have configured and enabled (very important!) your tests, you should run them to see if the results are what you expect. You might want to open various browsers and enter the storefront, simulating customer behavior. During this process, clear cookies on your browser each time you enter a site to simulate the entry by a different visitor.

To clear cookies you need to first identify your browser.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options and the General tab.
  2. To delete all cookies, in the Browsing History section, click Delete.
  3. Uncheck the top Preserve Favorites Website Data box.
  4. Check the box beside Cookies.
  5. Click Delete.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. On the Tools menu and click Clear Recent History.
  2. Set the Time range to clear to Everything.
  3. Select Cookies.
  4. Click Clear Now.

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